Four foolproof ways to save money on fryer oil

Managing oil quality can save you not only money, but ensure you provide consistent quality food. 

To keep your chips tasty and fried fish golden, the oil in deep fryers needs to be kept fresh, at the ideal temperature and away from factors that will break it down quickly.

It’s important to manage oil as it directly impacts on the flavour, consistency and colour of fried foods that will ultimately determine customer satisfaction. Food fried in oil that is not regularly filtered or at the recommended temperature can end up as waste and an unnecessary cost to your business.

Daily filtering of oil extends the oil life and has shown to save up to 50% of oil costs a year.

When it comes to extending oil life and saving money, just remember the 4 pillars of the W.A.S.H. principle.

W is for Water

Water and oil are not friends so keep water away from oil where possible. Remove ice crystals from frozen foods before cooking and reduce foods that will release water while cooking. During regular filtering, using filter powder will help to remove any residual moisture.

A is for Air

Constant exposure to air and light on oil in uncovered pots will slowly contribute to it breaking down. Simply keep covers on fry pots when not in use to extend oil life.

S is for Sediment

Food particles released during loading and cooking can build up in oil. Keep salt and seasoning away from the fryer and skim and clean the fryer regularly. During filtering use filter paper to trap any sediment particles.

H is for Heat

Oil kept at high temperatures for long periods and during start up will contribute to oil breaking down more quickly. When the heat goes up, your oil breaks down.

Recommended temperatures for frying are between 175⁰C and 185⁰C with 180⁰C ideal. When looking to purchase a fryer, look for units with accurate temperature control like a digital control panel.

  Increase in oil breakdown process
in temperatures above 180⁰C
  190⁰C   2 to 3 times faster
  200⁰C   4 to 9 times faster
  210⁰C   8 to 27 times faster

Save money on oil costs with regular filtration that will extend the life of oil, the life of your fryer and improve the appearance and taste of the product.

To learn more about how to filter your oil or any type of restaurant equipment, be sure to contact us by filling in the form on this page.

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