What is an ice caddy?

As customers get more and more time-poor, it’s vital that commercial cooking businesses take their services to the people. Yes, in recent times, there has been an advent of concepts such as pop-up restaurants and food trucks where customers get a taster of the food on offer from a restaurant.

Over the busy Australian summer, there are countless examples of these occurrences – where people can experience high-quality food at reasonable prices. Most importantly, this service is convenient and meets the needs of the target audience.

Of course, for all the benefits of these concepts, food safety can be a concern when away from the temperature-controlled environment in the kitchen. This is where ice caddies can be useful.

Helpful… like a caddy

As you might notice by its name, ice caddies share the same name as their human golf counterpart. Of course, instead of a caddie carrying golf clubs for their player, ice caddies hold ice for businesses who need it outside the kitchen.

Using the Cambro ICS125L110 as an example, the caddy is made with a strong polyethylene body and thick foam insulation. This means that even in the hottest of temperatures, it can hold cubed ice for several days. If a business was attending a food festival or another event that spans multiple days, the caddy can be used to great effect. This model has a capacity of 57kg – much higher than a human caddy!

The caddy is made with a strong polyethylene body and thick foam insulation.

Health and safety first

Business owners need to focus on food and drink temperatures when out in the elements. This can’t be achieved if the ice itself is melting or contaminated. To avoid these situations, ice caddies are built with two particular design benefits – a sliding lid that slides back and under and a recessed well and drain shelf. As a result, the ice coming out of the caddy should always be to a high standard both in cleanliness and temperature.

Easy to move

Another advantage of an ice caddy over other ice transportation systems is the ease with which it can be moved. The Cambro ICS125L110 comes with heavy-duty front casters as well as small rear wheels which ensures it’s simple to push around.

If you would like to learn more about ice caddies or foodservice equipment and supplies and how they can assist your business, feel free to fill in the form to get in touch.

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