Why every bar or restaurant needs a Vitamix blender

It’s fair to say that blenders take plenty of the strain across bars and restaurants in Australia, particularly over the summer months. When the drink orders flow in, you need blenders that you trust to work time after time to the highest possible standard.

Of course, many businesses are also looking at extending their smoothie and cocktail menus – meaning that the world of blenders is only going to get more important. If you’re looking for a blender brand with a difference, you can’t go past Vitamix.

Let us explain why Vitamix should be your choice in blenders.

Long and proud history

One of the first elements to take into consideration is Vitamix’s great reputation. The American brand has been in business for more than 70 years and has become something of a stalwart in the blender industry. Vitamix is well known as a company that continues to push the boundaries and incorporate new and innovative technology into its products – allowing cafes and restaurants to always deliver high quality drinks to their customers.

This is a brand that businesses can trust for high standards and high performance, exactly the attributions that a blender needs to showcase.

Built to last

During a busy service, your blenders could be working through tough fruit pulp and then frozen margaritas. Due to the different temperatures and textures of various ingredients, any blender that is used should be able to step up to the plate every time. This is what a Vitamix blender can do.

All Vitamix blenders feature a heavy-duty motor, high-impact blades and sturdy construction. It is important to also point out that the range has a 3 years parts and 1-year labour warranty. This means that you can continue to use your blenders, safe in the knowledge that the good team at Vitamix can replace or fix any parts during this time.

Increased productivity

As the Australian hospitality industry continues to grow, there’s pressure on restaurants and cafes to serve drinks quicker, but also more consistently. Thanks to the fact that Vitamix blenders are designed to reduce prep time and improve efficiency – both of these objectives can be reached. Let’s take a look under the hood in more detail.

Using the Vitamix 10011 Two-Speed Drink Machine as an example, the blender offers two different speeds depending on what is being mixed. Additionally, these blades can crush 1.4L of cubed ice in three seconds – impressive work indeed. Lastly and most importantly, the container pulls the ingredients into its blades to increase the operation speed.

Although this is just one of the Vitamix blenders, its features are consistent across the entire range. Easy-to-use, powerful, and flawless, are just a few words that can describe all the blenders under the Vitamix umbrella.

Expand menu offerings

Cafes, restaurants and bars want to reach as many customers as possible. However, with a limited menu, they can only reach out to certain clientele. If your business is in this position, then it makes good sense to invest in a Vitamix blender.

Whether you want to be more creative with your cocktails or explore new smoothie flavours, with the best blenders in the business, you can stand out from the competition. Make drinks quicker, tastier and more consistent with the help of a quality Vitamix blender.

Blenders can make a real difference across the hospitality industry. If you want to learn more about how the Vitamix range can support your ventures, feel free to fill in the form on this page today – we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us for more information on all types of commercial kitchen equipment.

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