Commercial vs. Domestic: Introducing the new Vitamix 1011

The ability to diversify your drinks menu with just one piece of equipment is an almost magical feat, and one that is wholly achievable with a little help from a blender. For cafes and bistros, this means spicing up your offering with everything from smoothies, to frappes and milkshakes, while for bars it could vastly broaden the scope of cocktails on offer.

While a domestic blender, especially one of the top-of-the-range examples, may seem perfectly capable of handling your kitchen’s blending needs, it’s important to be aware of the liabilities of bringing a piece of home equipment into a commercial environment.

Here we’re looking at the best alternative, an entry level commercial blender from Vitamix, and what it can offer your foodservice business.

Why shouldn’t you use a domestic blender in a commercial environment? 

If you’ve been following our recent blog series, you’ll likely already have an inkling why this is a bad idea. While kitchen equipment available for the home has become increasingly more sophisticated in recent years, it is still only designed to handle a typical household’s use. In the case of a blender, this could equate to a once, or twice-daily usage at most.

Under the strain of repeated daily use, this is where you could see your home blender begin to show signs of wear, and potential break downs. Fortunately, for smaller foodservice operations, Vitamix has the answer in the Vitamix 10011 model, providing the longevity and reliability of a commercial blender with a smaller budget in mind.

The true value of buying a Vitamix blender however, is its outstanding warranty – with three years for parts, and a one-year labour warranty, you know you’re choosing a product designed to last.

Introducing the Vitamix 

Vitamix is a leader in innovative blending technology, providing quality products to kitchens around the world for the past 70 years. Each blender houses a powerful, heavy duty motor, designed to handle the strain of a commercial kitchen setting, blitzing ingredients and crushing 1.4 litres of cubed ice in just three seconds.

With just two switches, the Vitamix 10011 makes for simple operation with two speed settings, and a 1.4-litre durable container which draws ingredients into the blades for more efficient blending. In addition, the Vitamix is also designed to resist overheating, a particularly useful feature when blending extra heavy or thick ingredients.

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