Countertop conveyor cooking with the Lincoln 2504-1

For any quick service restaurant, there are a few staple dishes that are always going to be a popular part of your offering. These are in addition to any specialty meals or unique twists that set your venue apart, and provide those familiar comforts that people come back to time and time again. Within this category of classics we have everything from pizzas to toasties, and there are very few establishments within the world of QSRs that can get away without them. 

The rub then lies in finding a way to produce these sorts of meals quickly and with a minimum of fuss. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t even have to dedicate a chef to them, you could simply have them ready to go and cooked on a conveyor. Well hold onto your toque blanch because that’s exactly what the Lincoln’s 2504-1 Digital Countertop Impinger (CTI) can provide.

The 2504-1 can replace the output of a half-sized convection oven, or five microwaves.

Countertop cooking

Many quick service restaurants are not blessed with an excess of floor space, and adding an additional piece of commercial cooking equipment isn’t always practical. That’s where countertop solutions can be incredibly helpful, especially with the 2504-1 where it’s possible to stack two units on top of the other. This means that you don’t have to lose any space, but can gain a whole lot of output, especially when you consider the power of Lincoln conveyor oven technology.

Despite the efficient form factor, the 2504-1 can replace the output of a half-sized convection oven or five microwaves. This is in addition to all the familiar features that chefs have come to expect from Lincoln products, including precise digital control over temperature and conveyor speed. These controls are easy to access from any angle, and the reversible conveyor means that you can place the oven virtually anywhere you need to.

Conveyor versatility

While the most common use for Lincoln conveyor ovens is the preparation of pizzas, the units are far more versatile than that, especially with the 2504-1’s expanded temperature range of 32-315 degrees Celsius. Cook a perfect chicken schnitzel completely unmonitored, ditch the salamander and ensure burnt toast is no-more, or prepare pizzas, wedges, eggs and more – all in the Lincoln. It provides a one size fits all solution for any of those must-have menu items that your customers keep asking for.

“90 percent of The Coffee Club menu has to go through the Impinger. We simply couldn’t run the store without it.” – Terry Fulton, Coffee Club Pacific Werribee Franchisee.

To keep up with the demand, you can always stack two units vertically, or combine a countertop model with one of the larger Lincoln ovens. If you simply don’t have the space though, the 2504-1’s extended 1270 millimetre conveyor should be more than capable of keeping up with demand.

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