How to improve consistency in your commercial kitchen

Consistency attracts repeat customers. That’s because they love your service and expect to experience it again. From the moment they walk in your door to paying the bill, they expect the experience to be the same as the last time they visited.

It’s easy for staff to follow guidelines, such as greeting customers and asking if they’ll be dining in or taking away. But, providing consistent meals can be a bit trickier.

Consistency in your restaurant kitchen is easier with the right equipment.

Your equipment needs to be reliable to deliver consistent meals. Older grills may have cooler spots. The oven may not maintain its heat, or your salamander may dry out the food. Tolerating your equipment’s weak spots is even harder during a skills shortage.

Speak to Comcater about reliable equipment for your kitchen.

 Preprogram meals for consistent results

The RATIONAL iCombi oven can be preprogrammed via the internet across multiple venues. The staff member simply loads the oven, shuts the door and pushes a button. The iCombi cooks the product to the same browning, crispiness or juiciness you need.

Multiple trays can be loaded at the same time thanks to the iProductionManager. This feature identifies which products can be cooked together in the oven. Perfect for restaurants short on time.

Lincoln pizza ovens and Menumaster microwave ovens can be uploaded with your menu items via USB. These ovens use impingement technology to cook meals fast, making them perfect for QSR. Staff simply places the food in the oven and selects the right button. The oven cooks the meal with the right finish.

Consistent deep frying depends on consistent oil quality

Your oil quality can affect the consistency of your menu items. With oil prices rising, throwing out good oil is like throwing away money. So investing in Frymaster deep fryers can save you money on oil in the long run.

Frymaster has a deep cool zone to trap larger sediments before they burn up, tainting the oil. It can also detect the quality of your oil and self filter. Chips are fried in good quality oil at the perfect temperature for the right amount of time.

The Frymaster won’t lose heat between batches, which not only maintains consistency, but saves you time during peak periods.


Comcater’s advice, training and equipment are essential ingredients in commercial kitchens nationwide. Updating your equipment may improve your consistency. Get in touch with us, and we’ll cook up a solution for you.

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