Six smart ways a combi like RATIONAL improves a commercial kitchen

When deciding to purchase a new combi you want to consider the improvements the commercial kitchen equipment will make to your kitchen.

With the range of intelligent features that modern combi ovens offer, it’s definitely Australia’s most sought-after piece of commercial cooking equipment. Here are just six smart ways a combi like RATIONAL will improve your kitchen operations.

1. They can replace or reduce the amount of traditional cooking equipment in a kitchen

RATIONAL’s multifunctional cooking capabilities that use heat, steam or a combination of both, achieve the same cooking techniques as up to two or more pieces of traditional equipment. They can replace units like a convection oven, steamer, fryer or grill which can create up to 30% more kitchen space. With units available in 6, 10 or 20 trays there’s a size to suit any kitchen footprint.


2. New and trending cooking methods can be introduced which may not possible with existing equipment

RATIONAL’s intelligent cooking processes enable a range of innovative cooking methods using just one unit. Using the same combi to cook a roast or bake bread you can also perform cooking methods such as:

  • Smoking – Using smoke to impart flavour
  • Sous Vide – Precise moist temperature-controlled cooking of vacuum-sealed food
  • Finishing – Bring food back to temperature without comprising quality


3. The number of hours requiring skilled labour can be reduced

With just a few touches of the information display panel, any staff in the kitchen are able to operate a RATIONAL. The display panel features pre-programmed recipes and cooking processes that can be set with just a touch. Helpful programmed alerts will also prompt kitchen staff when it’s time to respond while overnight cooking processes allow for unattended production. Also, all this information can easily be displayed in 58 language settings.

For even greater ease-of-use, RATIONAL introduced ConnectedCooking, a platform which literally allows you to cook from your RATIONAL oven remotely! That’s right – you can pre-heat your oven from the comfort of your home, meaning fewer labour hours and more free time!


4. HACCP compliance is supported

Important HACCP data like temperatures and cooking times are recorded with RATIONAL. This data can be stored and extracted to make HACCP reporting simpler. Plus it means you won’t need to sweat the next time the health inspector drops by!


5. Cleaning is made easier

Having to clean equipment is usually a chore in any commercial kitchen but a RATIONAL iCombi Pro unit will clean and descale itself with minimal effort. The unit advises when a clean is required and the level of clean required.  You can also schedule cleaning to be completed unsupervised overnight.

Importantly, cleaning tablets are used rather than liquid chemicals which is a fixed cost and reduces contact and chemical exposure to staff.


6. After Sales Service Support is just a call away.

Purchasing a RATIONAL is just the beginning. With a 2-year warranty, after service support includes access to training, recipe libraries and a dedicated ChefLine®. Fully trained technical maintenance staff and spare parts are also just a phone call away.

To learn more about RATIONAL, fill in the form or get in touch with the team today!

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